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    Soft Stripping

    Soft stripping is an integral part of demolition. Buildings are adapted and changed all the time and require soft stripping.  Delta Services Ltd have a large, directly employed work force who are fully conversant with all methods of soft stripping. Our soft striping service allows non-structural elements of buildings to be removed by our experienced team. We can remove recyclable materials or items which can be reclaimed such as timber beams, metal and plastics. We remove bricks, concrete stairs, windows, ceiling, doors, studding, debris, mechanical and electrical (M&E) etc. This can be done prior to full demolition or where a building is undergoing major refurbishment. Delta Services Ltd can also carry out your asbestos refurbishment demolition survey. Delta Services Ltd also holds a current 3 year asbestos removal license and all are staff have the experience to deal with any asbestos removal that maybe required. Asbestos can be hidden and not identified until a building is stripped back, which makes us ideal for your soft strip or demolition projects.


    Delta Services Ltd works alongside many major Demolition Contractors and can offer a full package of demolition services and project management, operating as either Principal Contractor or Sub-contractor from the beginning of a development to the end result to include: Local Authority Demolition Notifications, traffic management and planning, demolition and asbestos surveying, management of redundant services, safe and controlled demolition of structures, separation and segregation of waste materials, site clearance and waste management.

    Based in Sheffield and Lincoln, we provide services in towns and cities throughout the UK, including Boston, Spalding, Doncaster, Grantham, Grimsby, Horncastle, Hull, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.